At Autentic we fully stand behind our products.
Our goal is to let you and everybody using our premium glamping products enjoy them to the fullest.

Although we supervise the entire production process and perform checks at every step, we want to ensure that our users, partners and distributors feel secure in the knowledge that our product & sales teams are ready to respond to questions and that they are covered should something go wrong.


Your tent comes with a handy pocket-sized Tent-ID card. It takes you to some tips and tricks on how to set up, store and maintain your Autentic tent correctly. But this Tent-ID card also contains the unique tent number. So in case you have a question on a tent or you need a repair, please keep the ID-card at hand.

Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - Autentic's reflective guylines and guyrunner used in the glamping bell tents



Autentic provides a standard two-year statutory warranty, covering unaccepable defects to your glamping tents.

Limitations to this warranty

The warranty does not apply:

  • To damage to zippers, stakes and poles.
  • If the damage is due to wear and tear, misuse or neglect, if the defect consists of holes, damage arising from (but not limited to) mould, mildew, inconsequential spot leakage, exposure to ultraviolet light, use of fire/stove/air conditioner, other damages that may be caused by improper or negligent use/assembly/storage of the product, poor maintenance, use contrary to instructions (not following proper procedures).
  • If a repair/modification/adjustment has been done by anyone other than Autentic.
  • If the item has been damaged on purpose or extreme weather conditions including but not limited to ice, snow, hail, wind and lightening or any other catastrophic events.
  • If the trademarks of the Autentic products and packaging have been removed.
  • If the circumstance is beyond Autentic’s control such as vandalism.
  • If the item has been intentionally damaged or damaged due to extreme weather conditions including but not limited to ice, snow, hail, wind and lightning or any other catastrophic event.
  • If the product is not used in accordance with its intended purpose or contrary to the provided instructions.

The warranty can only be invoked if the product has been paid for in full.

The damage that you wish to submit for warranty must be reported within 8 days of its discovery.


The tents in the Wottex PRO Line are made with unique hiqh-quality acrylic materials with following specifications

  • Water repellent
  • Air permeability (ISO 9237: 29 l/m2/s)
  • Color fastness UV (ISO 105B02: 7-8/8)
  • Color fastness weather condition (ISO 105B04: 4-5/5)
  • Color fastness dry friction (ISO 105X12: 5/5)
  • Color fastness wet friction (ISO 105X12: 5/5)
  • Oil repellant properties (ISO 14419: 5/8)
  • Abrasion resistant and designed to withstand this surface wear.

The tents in the Wottex Pro Line have an additional 3 year limited warranty. Our 5-year limited warranty on the Wottex Pro LIne guarantees against fabric becoming unserviceable due to, loss of color or loss of strength, from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew, and atmospheric chemicals when used for appropriate applications. 

Procedure to claim your warranty

If you are an end-consumer and have bought a tent from one of our resellers:

  • Check your tent ID-card and mention the tent code, name and colour in all your communications.
  • Contact the shop where you bought your Autentic tent.
    The shop will get in touch with Autentic to investigate the problem and will deal with assist you in resolving it.

If you are an official Autentic distributor, campsite or if you bought your tent(s) directly from Autentic:

  • Check your tent ID-card the tent invoice. Mention your invoice number, the tent code, name and colour in all your communications.
  • Please contact us via info@autentic.world with your request for repairing. We will check if the damage is covered by our warranty and will help you in the best possible way.

For all general requests on warranty and repairs, check our FAQ or contact us by email on info@autentic.world.

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