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Extraordinary Tent Design

Autentic is a Belgian tent manufacturer, crafting high-end cotton canvas glamping tents to bring you new and captivating outdoor living experiences, no matter where you use them.

Autentic enters the glamping universe with cotton canvas tents exuding quality and premiumness down to the smallest detail.

By adding colour, elegance and sophistication to our luxury glamping tents, Autentic totally fulfils the extraordinary tent design it promises.

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Being True Pioneers

We at Autentic didn’t want to enter the game unless we were one hundred percent sure we could do something pioneering,
to bring something completely new and above all, to rise above the pack.

That’s why we created our Backyard Glamping collection.

Colourful, refined and high performance canvas glamping tents, capable of offering you comfort, shelter and style whenever and wherever you are.

Autentic brings a luxury camping experience, blended with all of your adventurous dreams and a sense of freedom.

A Brand From World Of Tents

Autentic is a brand from World of Tents, a company whose heart and soul is in tents. This means you can rely on years of proven experience in designing, developing and manufacturing scout tents, rapid setup folding tents and humanitarian shelters.

World of Tents, which foundations were laid more than 100 years ago in the heart of Belgium, brought together different companies with activities in creating, designing and producing tents. From functional humanitarian shelters to sophisticated glamping designs. From kids tipi’s to shelter for a complete patrol.

Today, World of Tents is the parent company of renowned brand names such as AlpinoAlpinter and Canopy, followed closely by a number of promising newcomers: Autentic, Shield and Revelry. Research & new product development are the epicenter of World of Tents, from which more than 100,000 tents spread around the world every year.

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What Autentic Stands For

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Adventure Chic

Autentic matches adventure with sophistication, creating stylish cotton canvas glamping tents for experiencing memorable luxury tent experiences. Our collections are made to stand out from the crowd and make each of your tent experiences unforgettable.

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Artisanal Workmanship

Autentic offers premium hand-crafted designs, all made with the greatest care and attention for quality, durability and performance. The colours, materials and finishes are proof that every detail of our glamping tents lives up to our extraordinary tent design.

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Autentic  - Inside-turmeric-bell-tent-wolvenkinderen

With Care For People And Planet

Consciousness throughout the entire production chain: locally produced tent frames, exclusive use of REACH approved chemicals and constantly striving to minimise our waste materials and reuse them in our tent packing and accessories.

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