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Self-Developed Cotton Canvas Fabrics

With decades of expertise, it was a breeze for World of Tents (Autentic’s parent company and R&D center), to develop their own high-quality canvas for the Autentic collections.

The cotton fabric has been extensively tested for watertightness, mildew resistance and UV discolouration.

The treatments are done with the best European chemicals that meet the strict European REACH standards. A guarantee that any substances present in our products are safe, and do not harm the health of people or the environment.

Autentic  - Autentic's high-quality cotton canvas tent fabric
Autentic  - Cotton Flower

Cotton: A Natural Product

Autentic consciously opted for 100% cotton tent canvas. Cotton is breathable and easier to recycle afterwards compared to other fabrics.

The cotton canvas is dyed in rich colours and tested in different climates and laboratory conditions showing that Autentic tent fabrics achieve the highest degree of colour fastness for cotton. Since cotton is a natural product, it is normal that the material loses its colour intensity over time, depending on the climate and the frequency of use.


The fabrics have been treated for water-repellency, while still remaining breathable. Your canvas glamping tent can allow a small drop of water to pass through or feel damp when used for the first time. This is perfectly normal, and we recommend giving your cotton tent a good soaking before first use in order to activate the cotton fibre. After this first activation, the canvas will be completely sealed, leaving you with a waterproof canvas glamping tent that also greatly limits condensation.

Colour Fastness

The Autentic canvas glamping tents come in a wide range of vibrant colours. We monitor the production and the dyeing of our tents from start to finish to ensure their quality, performance and durability. Our fabrics have been extensively tested for UV discolouration. These in-depth long-term exposure tests take place in both laboratory conditions and real-world climates at our permanent outdoor test sites in Belgium and Dubai.


Our canvas bell tent experienced a real-life wind test in February 2022, when storm Eunice threw wind gusts of up to 140 km/h at our test site in Belgium. The Autentic Major Bell tent remained perfectly anchored, which is yet another example of how we at Autentic have meticulously designed our glamping tents with the most durable materials. Although the bell tent survived this storm, properly anchoring your bell tent remains very important and really depends on the type of soil on which your tent is set up. We recommend you take down your canvas glamping tent in case of extremely violent wind gusts to avoid damage to the tent itself and the surroundings.


Since cotton is a natural fabric, it is less resistant to mould than synthetic fabrics. That’s why Autentic’s cotton canvas fabrics undergo in-depth treatment against mould, to maximise their resistance to these microorganisms. Intensive laboratory tests could not even provoke enough fungal development to be visible to the naked eye, results backed up by the experiences of our users.

Maintaining your cotton canvas tent and storing it properly are extremely important to prolong its lifespan. Would you like to learn more about how to maintain and store your canvas tent? Do you have questions about how to remove mould from your canvas tent? You will find all the answers in the Tips & Tricks section of our FAQ.

Part of World of Tents

As a brand from World of Tents, Autentic can rely on decades of expertise in developing and manufacturing high-quality tents.

From camping tents used for countless expeditions all over the world to relief aid items for disaster response in the most extreme conditions. Throughout the years, World of Tents has continuously focused on innovation in order to fine tune all of its tents in terms of quality, durability and user-friendliness.

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