Cotton Canvas Glamping Tents

Self Developed Cotton Canvas Fabrics

With decades of expertise, it was a breeze for World of Tents (Autentic’s parent company and R&D center), to develop their own high-quality canvas for the Autentic collections.

The cotton fabric has been extensively tested: for watertightness, mildew resistance and UV discolouration.

The treatments are done with the best European chemicals that meet the strict European REACH standards. A guarantee that any substances present in our products are safe, and do not harm the health of people or the environment.

Cotton: A Natural Product

Autentic consciously opted for 100% cotton tent canvas. Cotton is breathable and easier to recycle afterwards compared to other fabrics.

The cotton canvas is dyed in rich colours and tested in different climates and laboratory conditions showing that Autentic tent fabrics achieve the highest degree of colour fastness for cotton. Since cotton is a natural product, it is normal that the material loses its colour intensity over time, depending on the climate and the frequency of use.

Autentic - Close-up of wet 230 gsm cotton canvas fabric of Autentic's glamping tents
Autentic - Close-up of Autentic's polyester cotton fabric for the indoor kids tipi range

Recycled Polyester Cotton Canvas

For the Tiptoe Tipi collection, Autentic sourced a pre-consumer waste fabric made of polyester cotton: essentially, the leftover material generated from garment making is used to make the yarn of the fabric. Woven on traditional looms in small local workshops, this production keeps old traditions alive and provides an additional source of revenue for small artisanal weavers.

Thanks to the composition of this fabric we achieve a unique colour shade during the dyeing process, carried out with 100% REACH compliant dyes. The result is an incredibly beautiful fabric with a faded natural raw look. No other treatments or additions are made, to ensure that the Autentic Tiptoe Tipi fabric is nice for both your little rascals and the environment alike.

550 gsm Polyester/PVC Groundsheet

Autentic cotton canvas tents come with our unique in-house developed groundsheet. These have two different sides: on the inside you will find a grey colour, providing a calming effect. The leather look imprint along this side of the groundsheet takes your glamping experience to a higher level while maintaining strength.

The outside of the groundsheet has a green colour that blends in perfectly with nature and is also less sensitive to stains from grass or other dirt. Thanks to the special pattern weave, our groundsheets excellent tearing resistance, while remaining a very comfortable and flexible material.

All the PVC parts are welded together with a hot blow method, keeping your cotton canvas tent waterproof from the ground level. Moreover, it is a user-friendly material: should you happen to have a tear or hole in your groundsheet, you can easily repair it yourself with a little glue and the delivered repair patch you will find in your tent accessory kit.

Autentic - Close-up of Autentic's groundsheet PVC fabric
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