July 29, 2022

Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - Someone tensioning the guyline of 5m yellow Autentic cotton canvas bell tent

Yannick and Charlie run a travel blog for scaredy-cats

Also known as  @somsookheimwee on Instagram, they run a travel blog for doubters and scaredy-cats. Their goal? To share stories and pictures with all people who dream of an amazing trip around the world or a slightly smaller road trip adventure, but who are afraid to take the plunge. Both are great adventurers themselves: from the vast forests and oceans of far-off Canada or Asia, to camper and tent adventures in the somewhat closer Alps and Pyrenees.

Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - Woman walking in front of the Autentic yellow 5m bell tent

The Autentic Major Bell Tent has won their hearts because you can literally do anything you like with this bell tent. The bell tent could be the central cosy tent during camping trips with friends, an additional outdoor green space at home to share their love and passion for plants, or a cosy spot to spend hot summer evenings at the campfire.

With battery-powered lights, colourful carpets and cosy blankets, their bell tent becomes super cosy in the blink of an eye. It was not only the cosiness and multifunctionality of the bell tent appealed to them, but also the fact that the canvas walls can opened up 360º, with nothing but mosquito netting between them and the great outdoors.

The summery Turmeric colour gives their beautiful green garden a sunny glowy touch. 

Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - Woman gardening inside the yellow Autentic 5m bell tent
Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - Raspberries next to a Turmeric Autentic Bell Tent

Because adventure does not always need to be far away.

Since they have some summers to catch up on from the past covid years, their summer will get quite busy. The birth of their youngest child also means that traveling will be slightly different this summer: no distant adventurous travels, but some remote working, camping with friends and children in the Vosges or Bourgogne, enjoying local festivals and staycations… They just want to spend as much time as possible outside: outdoor office, play tent, meditation room, backyard glamping, impulsive barbecue or cosy campfire with friends to a sporty bike ride. … Close to home, yet far from everything. Because adventure does not always need to be far away.

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Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - Woman gardening in front of the Turmeric Major 5m glamping bell tent
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