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World Environment Day | June 5, 2021

Autentic is conscious of the fact that all of its activities have an impact on the environment. However we care about the planet. By considering the ecological impact of every business decision we make, we do our utmost to reduce our footprint. From decisions about what chemicals we use for the tent treatments and what packaging we use, all the way through to smaller decisions about what paper we use to print at the office. Every decision is thoroughly considered and environmental concerns are always taken into account.

With the purpose of minimising our impact, we are guided by a number of key principles in our business activities.


Conscious usage of natural resources

Wherever and whenever in our company, both in the production process and at the office, we do our utmost to handle natural resources with the greatest care. Switching off the lights and the heating, saving water and energy at the office… sometimes the smallest things bring about the biggest changes.

Conscious material choices

Autentic’s luxury cotton canvas tents are made of high-quality materials. Premiumness in our extraordinary tent design translates not only into quality, performance, and the appearance of our materials, but also in their durability. By picking out top-quality and durable materials, Autentic guarantees high-performance luxury tents that also have the smallest possible impact on the environment.

The cotton fabric of our canvas tents is treated to be more resistant against water, mould and discolouration. The chemicals used for these different treatments are always chosen wisely. We only use chemicals that meet the REACH regulation of the European Union, assuring that any substances present in our products are safe and do not harm your health or the environment.

Even for the smallest members of the Autentic family, we integrated consciousness. The Tiptoe Tipi collection is made of post-consumer waste polycotton.

Logistics optimisation

To improve our logistics processes, we analyse different routes, weigh up various transportation modes against each other and improve our packaging to build efficient loads. In this way, we’re continuously trying to make our logistic planning more efficient, both for ourselves and for the environment.

Waste elimination and second life

During the production process, we do our utmost to reduce waste to the absolute minimum and to use all of our materials and natural resources as sparingly as possible. With such high-quality cotton fabric, not a single piece of it should go to waste. Therefore, the accessory bags of the Autentic tents are made of the residual tent fabric and other durable materials. The cardboard boxes are 100% recycled. Towards our clients, we encourage reusing the cardboard boxes of our products for various purposes.

Our research and development team is not only committed to seeking improvement and innovation in product development; integrating consciousness in the production process is an equally important part of their daily mission. Consciousness is something we want to implement both in our short term and long term strategy. This is – above all – an important driver of innovation for Autentic.


At Autentic we really want to make a difference: both by pioneering with never-seen-before tent models and in the way we live up to our extraordinary tent design. Day after day, we are committed doing the right thing, for a better tomorrow. Because there is no Planet B.


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