25 April 2023

Typyk is the passion project of Alexis and Théo, two childhood friends both originally from the countryside near Lille, France.

After living in big cities and working in high-pressure jobs, they both decided to follow their hearts back home to prioritize their families and passions. Alexis is an avid cyclist who has covered over 15,000 km in three years, including a 1,000 km road trip with his family to the Mediterranean, while Théo is a car enthusiast who enjoys repairing old vehicles and embarking on road trips.

Their shared love for the beauty of their homeland inspired them to launch Typyk, a lifestyle brand that offers unique accommodations in the great outdoors.

Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - Turmeric Jack Bell Tent furnished and set up by Typyk

Typyk's Approach: Providing Custom-Made Glamping Solutions

Typyk is all about creating unforgettable experiences close to home and providing a turnkey solution for those looking to change their lives through glamping. It’s about helping people monetize their land by providing comfortable and fully-equipped tents for a glamping experience.

We assist rural tourism actors in creating and implementing glamping accommodations. Our services are specifically aimed at gîtes, vineyards, farmers, exceptional estates, and anyone looking to maximize the value of their land. What we love most is working with people who want to make a lifestyle change and no longer have to compromise between their passions and work. Our personal experiences with career changes enable us to provide effective support and facilitate this transition to a new way of life. (Alexis & Théo, founders of Typyk)

Typyk’s services range from feasibility studies to the selection of bedding, as well as the installation of a wooden platform, sanitation facilities, and energy autonomy. But Typyk doesn’t only sell equipment; their team provides guidance and support to those interested in embarking on a new project.

Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - Turmeric Jack 5m glamping bell tent set up and furnished by Typyk

Why Typyk Chooses To Go Autentic

At Typyk, we deliberately only choose high-quality products to ensure that we’re offering the best possible service to our clients and we really had a wow-effect when we first saw the Autentic tents. As we got to know their collections, we realized that the quality of the products was impeccable, down to the smallest detail. This even exceeded our expectations for a high-quality, elegant product, supported by a team with a positive attitude. What really convinced us to work with Autentic was that their team shared our values! We first got in touch with Mike, and we hit it off right away. So, in addition to top-notch products, it was the human experience with the Autentic team that made us want to work with them. (Alexis & Théo, founders of Typyk)

Today, Typyk has embarked on several glamping projects, supporting people in the creation of distinct accommodations for a variety of settings, such as vineyards, farmers, individuals, and exceptional residences.

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