July 15, 2022

Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - Woman sitting in a chair in front of an orange Autentic 5m glamping bell tent which is set up for backyard glamping

Isabelle Vermeersch, an Antwerp photographer and interior stylist, better known under the name @these_arthe_days on Instagram, is venturing into Autentic this summer.

Together with her husband, Maxime, and her two little munchkins Victor (13) and Millie (8), she loves small – and bigger – adventures. The summer holidays are the time of the year when they make extra time for each other and go out together. Since they have an amazing winter adventure planned, they have decided to stay in Belgium during summer. So this time, they let the adventure come to them. The sun and an Autentic Bell tent could therefore not be missing to take this staycation to the next level.

Isabelle & family opted for the brand new Autentic Jack Bell Tent, in the lively Roasted Pumpkin colour. The space, the versatility of uses, and the fantastic colour of the canvas bell tent won Isabelle’s heart immediately. They chose to set up the bell tent on a beautiful lawn where the colour really stands out and really feels like summer.

Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - Autentic 5m Jack Bell Tent used as a home office with a desk and laptop
Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - @these_arethe_days closing the mesh doors of her Autentic glamping bell tent
Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - Cosy bed in Autentic glamping bell tent
Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - Orange cotton canvas glamping bell tent set up in a backyard with camping chairs

Summer is definitely a busy period for Isabelle. As a photographer, long shoots and even longer edit days await her. That’s why she transformed her Jack Bell Tent into a cosy outdoor office, where she can work outside in peace and quiet. Whoever says summer also says relax and slow down. A romantic glamping night to celebrate her six-year marriage to Maxime, a slightly wilder girls’ night in with the girlfriends, and also a luxury glamping weekend are on the agenda. For the rest, Isabelle and her family will simply let the summer come to them and see what adventures come their way. What is certain is that they already have their safe place to retreat to in peace and quiet this summer.

As an interior stylist herself, Isabelle can’t wait to give free rein to the decoration of her bell tent and to create different settings to make each summer moment in the canvas bell tent unique. For her, a glamping tent should be comfortable and cosy and really feel like a second home. Lights are therefore a must for her. They’ll give your bell tent a magical feeling anyway: solar-powered lanterns, beautiful light strings for the outside, or LED tea lights. To put it in Isabelle’s words: the more lights, the better! But Isabelle still had some other good slogans for the summer: good food, good mood. So reads Isabelle’s final golden tip for making your glamping experience unforgettable. Slow dinners, barbecues, delicious fresh salads… And don’t forget a glass of wine!

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