December 17, 2021

In August 2020, Autentic’s extraordinary journey officially started. At that time, we entrusted ATELIER.kg, a Belgian creative agency, to help us get Autentic up and running. Brainstorm sessions, product deep dives, content creation workshops, … we’ve gone through each and every one of them. The result is what you see today: Autentic, extraordinary tent design.

The heart and soul of ATELIER.kg is Kelly and Geert, two creative people who have followed a successful paths in creative roles for various marketing agencies, eventually starting together their own creative agency ATELIER.kg. As Geert would put it: “Kelly is the other half of his brain with whom we have been professionally married for many years”. Under the motto “Everything with love”, ATELIER.kg helps all of their customers on their path to success. And since Autentic was the first project ever they had to handle as ATELIER.kg, it was certainly done with lots of love and passion.

After a relatively short – but intense – period of meetings and workshops, we knew – thanks to ATELIER.kg – what we wanted to achieve and exude with our brand: Extraordinary Tent Design. The start of Autentic’s journey was set…

Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - Autentic's yellow cotton canvas bell tent featuring drawings made by Atelier.kg
Autentic | Luxury Glamping Bell Tents - Drawings by Atelier.kg on the tent fabric of the yellow Autentic 5m canvas bell tent

#Onstente by ATELIER.kg

ATELIER.kg really fell in love with Autentic’s cotton canvas glamping tents and therefore worked on it as if it was their own project. They’re now the proud owner of a Turmeric Major Bell 5.2. But of course, Kelly & Geert always like to go a step further.

Why simply own a Major Bell Tent when you can make it even more extraordinary? ATELIER.kg therefore teamed up with two talented artists – @leslie_saurus and @desmet.thijs – to make the story of ATELIER.kg come to life on their cotton canvas tent. For more than sixteen hours, the story about a Little Girl and a Giant, a metaphor for growing together, slowly rose on their Turmeric beast thanks to the amazing illustrations of Leslie and Thijs. And with a little help of the organisational skills of Els De Troch, who by then had joined ATELIER.kg as Matchmaker and so much more, the inauguration of the tent in Dok Noord in Ghent certainly didn’t go unnoticed. Hence the beautiful and sunny images, for which they even used some drone magic.

Big thank you to ATELIER.kg for this event and all the love they’ve given us!

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