Autentic - Aubergine Stardust Tupek glamping tent

The Stardust Tupek Collection

The Stardust Tupek Collection

It's written in the stars

I am Stardust Tupek

Inspired by the practical and rapid setup emergency RED© tents from our sister brand Alpinter, the Autentic version offers you much more than just the comfort of space. Giant windows and doors all around fully equipped with mosquito netting, a ceiling storage net to store your belongings and yes, even a skylight to stare at the stars.

Autentic - Detail shot of the 320 gsm double roof of the Stardust Tupek
Autentic - Close-up of Autentic's 320 gsm cotton canvas fabric

Colours Sourced By Nature

To fully reconnect

Autentic - Close-up of a cotton flower plant

High-Quality Cotton Canvas

Luxurious 320 & 220 gsm cotton fabrics, developed in-house

Autentic - Black and white close-up of a stitching machine

Tents Designed With An Eye For Detail

How we make the difference

Autentic - Detail shot of the 320 gsm double roof of the Stardust Tupek

Self-developed 320 gsm double roof
Keeps your tent nice and fresh in the summer. The double roof is stretched as an extra layer over the tent. Because it is much more difficult for UV rays to penetrate into your tent, it stays pleasantly cool.

Autentic - Close-up of Autentic's branding on the Stardust Tupek

220 gsm tent canvas fabric, developed in-house
The Tupek tents were given the lighter covering of 100% canvas cotton. This not only has a direct impact on the breathtaking design, but also on the way in which the fabric itself can breathe. Water vapour, perspiration, moisture from wet clothes … everything can breathe and evaporate, maintaining a perfectly comfortable interior.

Autentic - Close-up of the connectors of the Stardust Tupek tent

Sturdy connectors
The cross pieces, designed in-house, help the tent setup to go even more smoothly.

Autentic - Close-up of the large windows of the Autentic Stardust Tupek

Extra shade
The doors and large windows are large enough to use them as a shade cover when using optional poles.

Autentic - Close-up of the skylights in the Stardust Tupek tent

Skylights in the tent
Which you can close perfectly with a handy pull-up system. For extra ventilation or (if you slide the double roof to the side) an adventurous sleep under the stars.

Autentic - Close-up of the optional storage net in the Stardust Tupek

Optional storage net
Stretched inside the roof, where you can easily store your belongings (or hang them to dry).

Autentic - Close-up of the electrical wiring slot in the Autentic Stardust Tupek glamping tent

Electrical wiring slot
Easily pass electrical cables into the tent for light or charging devices, without the nuisance of cables lying on the ground.

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