Autentic - All colourful Tiptoe Teepees of Autentic at the World of Tents showroom

The Tiptoe Tipi Collection

The Tiptoe Tipi Collection

Indoor Sanctuary For Roaming Dreams

I am Tiptoe Tipi

Under the label of Bears & Candy Autentic introduces the Tiptoe Tipi. Just like the olden days, Autentic’s colourful kids tipi tents are designed with a frame of straight poles tied together at the top, along with a natural canvas fabric. A unique, imaginative and whimsical interpretation of extraordinary tent design in a child’s size.

Autentic - Indoor kids tipi tent in abandoned industrial building
Autentic - Close-up of Autentic's polyester cotton fabric for the indoor kids tipi range

Playful Candy Colours

Perfect to brighten up playtime and your interior

Autentic - B&w-cotton-field-bell-canvas-tent-autentic-organic-flower-canvas-tent

Recycled Polycotton

Safe for little and big rascals alike to play to their heart’s content

Autentic - Black and white close-up of a stitching machine

Tents Designed With An Eye For Detail

How we make the difference

Autentic - Autentic's Lotus Pink indoor tipi kids tent

Natural, untreated fabric developed in-house
The polycotton fabric is dyed in a handful of cheerful colours, according to strict European REACH regulations. No other treatments or additions are made.

Autentic - Close-up of the leather reinforcement and branding of Autentic's indoor tipi tent

Leather reinforcements
To keep the poles in place, and provide a little extra cachet to your kids tipi tent.

Autentic - Close-up of the wooden buttons of the Autentic Tiptoe Tipi

Big wooden buttons
Even the smallest children’s hands can easily close the windows and doors of the indoor tipi tent.

Autentic - Wooden poles of Autentic's indoor kids tipi tents

Sturdy tent poles
Made of natural wood.

Autentic - Care label of Autentic's indoor kids tipi tents

Attention the smallest details
Every element is designed to bring whimsy and wonder to playtime.

Autentic - Playmat of Autentic's indoor tipi tent

Cuddly soft play mat
With a soft filling, and a handy non-slip PVC bottom. You can attach and detach the mat as you please, for use indoors and outside.

Autentic - Window of the Autentic indoor kids tipi tent

When open they are reminiscent of a charming cottage style. When closed, they provide a fun and cosy space for the imagination to roam free.

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