Colours Inspired By Nature

To reconnect with nature

Cotton canvas fabric, developed in-house, inspired by the mountains.

Nature is the key source of the materials we carefully craft our tents from. It’s also our source of inspiration to create luxury cotton canvas tents in a unique colour palette, brightening up all of your glamping experiences.

From the soft green colour of Moss and tree leaves that change colour in autumn, to a vibrant Turmeric. From the Aubergine-tinted rocky mountains to the warm Roasted Pumpkin colours of autumn.

Discover our coloured glamping tents, all inspired by nature. Because this is the best place to unwind and to reconnect, both with nature and yourself.

Autentic - Autentic's colourful Bell tents on a vector transparant background
Autentic - Colours of the Autentic cotton canvas glamping tents
Autentic - Colours of the Autentic glamping tents

A self-developed cotton canvas fabric, tinted by lakes and deserts.

Travelling the world takes you to some of the most breathtaking places nature has to offer. From lakes in the beautiful Blue Lagoon with Sea Grass undertones to water that colours Turmeric or Roasted Pumpkin in a sandy Desert landscape.

Enjoy each landscape you encounter, for each has something unique. Choose the colour that suits the place where you feel at home.

Polycotton fabric, developed in-house, in a wide colour palette.

Playful candy colours that perfectly fit into your contemporary interior.

Whether you choose the sweet Lotus Pink, the tough Aged Moss or Billy Blue, the lively Mustard or Sweet Peach or the soft Nature: you will always find a colour that will give your little one enough space for their imagination to roam free.

Autentic - Close-up of Autentic's polyester cotton fabric for the indoor kids tipi range
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