Discover the Stardust Tupek on World Product Day

May 26, 2021

Autentic - Detail shot of the 320 gsm double roof of the Stardust Tupek
Autentic - 17
Autentic - Close-up of the connectors of the Stardust Tupek tent
Autentic - 17
Autentic - Close-up of Autentic's branding on the Stardust Tupek
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Autentic - Close-up of the optional storage net in the Stardust Tupek
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There is no better occasion to put Autentic’s Stardust Tupek in the spotlight than on World Product Day.

This exceptionally functional glamping tent has an incredible history. For this Stardust Tupek design, Autentic took inspiration from the RED Tent © from its sister company Alpinter, which has been globally active in the design, production and distribution of humanitarian shelters and other relief items for more than 30 years.

The RED tent has been entirely designed and developed by Alpinter. In 2011, when the tent was launched, Alpinter was the first manufacturer to use PE fabric – PolyEthylene, a 100% synthetic fabric – for the production of humanitarian shelters. Today, most relief organisations have made the switch from (polyester)cotton tents to synthetic tents. They are lighter, resist better to mould, can be disinfected and are often a more cost efficient solution compared to canvas tents.
RED stands for Rapid Emergency Dome, so efficiency is one of the reasons why this tent had been used so frequently and in such diverse contexts: from tropical cyclones in Fiji to the devastating Port explosion in Beirut.


Autentic adopted the basic design and efficiency of the RED tent, however the tent was given a more luxurious and perfectly finished look and numerous features were added. And so was born the Stardust Tupek tent.

The Stardust Tupek tent consists of two main parts: the tent and the fly sheet, which is stretched over the tent as an extra layer. The advantage of this double roof is that the UV rays cannot penetrate the tent easily, which keeps the temperature inside the tent pleasant. Both components of the Stardust Tupek are made of 100% cotton canvas fabric, developed by Autentic and extensively tested in laboratories as well as in real-world conditions at our permanent testing sites. The fly is made of the heavier 320 gsm cotton fabric as it is the component that has to endure the rigours of the weather gods. The tent itself is made of the slightly lighter 220 gsm cotton canvas.

A peculiarity in this glamping tent is that it doesn’t have a central pole, which makes the cotton canvas tent extremely practical as nothing obstructs the space inside. You can enjoy a spacious floor area of 3.8 x 3.8 m. Enough space to dance the night away or – if you like it a bit quieter – to fully enjoy your backyard dream. In addition, this tent is also self-standing, which means that it can be erected without tensioning ropes and therefore does not require anchoring. Of course, we advise you to do so if you want to prevent your tent from flying.

And if the above is not enough, there’s a whole range of features that make the Stardust Tupek more than worthy of our extraordinary tent design. It has huge windows and doors on all four sides, all of which are equipped with mosquito netting so that you can enjoy your stay without being bothered by mosquitos or other intruders. The optional luggage net, the cable entry sleeve and the bathtub PVC groundsheet make the tent even more functional. Finally, every detail of the tent contributes to our exceptional tent design: the premium zips, the double-loop reflective cords, the designer carabiners, the easy & good-looking guyline tensioners…


The RED tent already has an unseen history and now the Stardust Tupek is more than ready to make history as well…

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