Storm Eunice: the perfect wind test for Autentic's canvas tents

February 22, 2022

Last weekend, storm Eunice raged across the UK and Northern Europe. With wind speeds of up to 140 KpH, Eunice is one of the most severe storms to hit our region. The storm caused a lot of damage here in Belgium, with countless fallen trees, roofs completely blown away and damaged infrastructure – a bit scary, but also the perfect opportunity for a real-life wind test to examine the performance of our tents in fierce & stormy conditions.

Autentic at World of Tents' test site

This footage at our Belgian test site shows how our Bell Tent and the BLUE Geodesic Tent of our sister company Alpinter – a world player in the design and production of disaster relief tents – remained perfectly in place despite the violent wind gusts that Eunice threw at them.

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Autentic in the North of France

This Moss Middle Bell Tent in the north of France was equally up to the challenge, remaining perfectly upright throughout the entire storm. This particular Bell Tent has been set up in the garden of our client for the last eight months, enduring all kinds of weather conditions. The canvas bell tent had not been additionally tightened or stretched in preparation for the storm – Autentic passes a second wind test without a hitch!

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Tips for setting up your tent in windy conditions

Here are some useful tips on how to properly set up your tent when there’s a lot of wind:

  • Close the doors of your tent in order to prevent wind from blowing into it.
  • Tightly anchor your tent with ground pegs suitable for the type of soil on which the tent is set up.
  • Tension the guyrunners firmly to avoid the tent flapping
  • Place additional guypoints (guyline and anchor) in case of high winds

For us, Storm Eunice was the perfect opportunity to put an extra feature of our cotton canvas tents to the test. Of course, if such extreme weather conditions are forecast, we recommend that you still take down your glamping tent to prevent damage to your tent and the surroundings.

Storm Eunice is yet another example of how we at Autentic have designed and produced all our cotton canvas tents with the benefit of decades of expertise in designing and crafting tents of our parent company World of Tents. Carefully chosen durable materials and a meticulously conceived design result in a high-quality, high-performance product of which we at Autentic are very proud.

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