Autentic - Various Desert and Turmeric Autentic Bell tents at the Deluxe Basecamp

The Autentic Bell Tent Collection

The Autentic Bell Tent Collection

Majestic. Luxurious. Iconic.

I am Bell.
The Festivities Start Here.

Humanity has known for millennia that you only need one central pole, a sturdy cloth and some guy ropes to build a cozy and spacious shelter. Autentic returned to the basics, then refined them.

The result: a round tent with low upright walls, resting on one central pole with firmly stretched fabric: majestic, spacious, festive and easy to set up.

Autentic - Autentic's Turmeric Major Bell tent with mountain background

Major Bell Tent 5.2 Majestic canvas bell tent with a diameter of 5.2 meters, made from 100% cotton canvas and totally ready to party.

Autentic - Autentic's Roasted Pumpkin Middle Bell tent with mountain background

Middle Bell Tent 3.6 The iconic cotton bell tent in its most refined form with a diameter of 3.6 meters and an extra large entrance.


Autentic - Autentic's Aubergine Large Bell tent with mountain background

Large Bell Tent 4.4 The Large Bell tent is wonderfully spacious and has a diameter of 4.4 meters and a festive colour palette.

Autentic - Autentic's Moss Little Bell tent with mountain background

Little Bell Tent 2.6 This little bell tent is a cozy cocoon with a diameter of 2.6 meters in which two people can easily kick back.

Autentic - Close-up of Autentic's 320 gsm cotton canvas fabric

Colours Sourced By Nature

The perfect place to unwind

Autentic - Close-up of a cotton flower plant

High-Quality 320 gsm Cotton Canvas

Exuding Autentic’s Extraordinary Tent Design

Autentic - Black and white close-up of a stitching machine

Tents Designed With An Eye For Detail

Here we make the difference

A 360° experience
Both the canvas and mesh walls can be fully rolled up. The Autentic Bell tent is therefore perfect for a 360 degree experience with your surroundings.

Autentic - Champagne-coloured aluminium tent poles in the Autentic glamping tents

Solid tent poles 
Champagne-coloured bell tent pole in anodised aluminium: feather light and luxurious.

Autentic - Major-bell-tent-roasted-pumpkin-r

Large inviting entrance
The wide door of the bell tent is due to the A-frame, made of anodised aluminium finished in a luxurious champagne colour.

Autentic - High walls and large windows of the Autentic Bell tents

High walls & large windows
The Autentic bell tents have high walls equipped with large windows.

Autentic - Detail shot of the aluminium guy runners on the Autentic tents

Guy line tensioners
Made of anodised aluminium, guaranteeing an easier setup and a perfectly tensioned bell tent.

Autentic - Reflective ropes on the Autentic cotton canvas glamping tents

Double braided, reflective guy lines
No tripping over your bell tent in the middle of the night.

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